HTPC, Part 1.1

While playing around and trying to figure out the available space in the 1300MI LC power case, I accidentally figured out the top bars have screw holes, and are exactly 3.5” apart. Moving the middle bar puts them exactly 2.5” inches apart, so the only logical conclusion is to use them as a disk mount.

I wish the case had some kind of documentation for this. It wasn’t really straight forward, and there are next to none action shots on the internet with a mounted disk. I had the original 2.5” to 3.5” converter plate which came with the SSD, so I mounted that one. I did that so I had an additional level of separation between the PSU and the SSD. Ideally, two 2.5” disks can be mounted this way, or 1x3.5”.

It still annoys me that I have space for several 2.5” disks (around 5), but no possibility to attach a drive bay into the case (using two screws in the bottom of the case, which were ment for slightly larger mainboards.

Thankfully, I’m atleast a little bit happier with the current situation.

- Tit Petric

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